Final preparations ongoing for the start of registrations

We have a little delay, but we are happy to announce that the registrations should open for the national competitors no later then december 20th 2021.

Next weekend we are meeting with the team at the competition center to get the latest information. In the mean have received the accommodation prices for the 2022 event. Which we have already posted on our website. Also the 4 and 6 persons comfort cottages are already available on the booking site, we are now working also to add the 8 persons cottages as well as some of the premium cottages.

As wel will have a participation limit of 50 teams, we are until February 1st, reserving the places for national competitors only. As of February 1st 2022 we will open up the registrations for all Nationals.

More information on the pricing and package deals will be announced soon.

Start of 2022 preparations

Today we have officially started the preparations of the 2022 edition with the launch of our 2022 website.
Stay tuned for many more updates and information in the next few weeks.
We target to open our registrations by December 1st 2021.