Participants…you’ve got mail!

All competitors and officials should have received an e-mail with relevant information to the competition from our event director Jonas Maes.
If you should not have received this e-mail, please take contact with us.
In meantime, stay tuned and keep an eye on our ENB!

Update FAI Balloon Live app!

The team of the FAI BALLOON LIVE just released a new version of the BALLOON LIVE APP.
Please read and update you devices!

The Balloon Live Team is very excited to announce the release of a major update and new version of the FAI Balloon Live app.

The new version has been completely redesigned and rewritten to offer an even better pilot experience and optimal in-flight features:

A brand new user interface design with a better look and feel.
Faster response to marker drop and goal declaration.
New core of the app helping to be faster and more stable in competition environment.
Easy and fast in-app purchase feature to pay for pilot fee for the use of the Balloon live system in a competition.
The related website has also been updated to give the best possible support. Guides and tutorials are available for pilots and officials.

The installation of the new version is different, depending on the mobile device you are using:

For iOS: Simply update the app through the App Store. If you have not yet installed the app, you can download it directly in Apple’s App Store (

For Android: Due to some technical changes, the app had to be created as a new, separate app in the Google Play Store (…). To avoid anybody having to pay for the new version who already bought the old version, we have lowered the price to approx 0,1€ until end of June 2022. You can then uninstall the old version, as it will be deprecated sometime in 2022.

If you have any questions, please check all the helpful information about the app on the Balloon Live website or contact us by email to [email protected].

Looking forward to seeing many of you flying with Balloon Live in the coming competitions, we wish you a great weekend.

The Balloon Live Team –

Important information for participants!

Dear pilots,

A new version of BalloonLive will be released around May 10th.

We have been informed by the developers that IOS-users can download it for free.

For Android-users – due to some technical issues – a small fee of 0.05€ has to be paid.

Once the new version of BalloonLive is launched, credits will also need to be purchased if you want to participate in  competitions using the Balloon Live Application.

For example, when you will compete in the Belgian Balloon Trophy, you will have to use 1 credit.

The expected cost per pilot, per credit will probably be around 10€.

For your participation in the Belgian Balloon Trophy 2022, we therefore ask you all to provide the new version of BalloonLive, as well as the latest firmware of the Balloon Sensor.

When the update is released, BalloonLive will also communicate about this matter.

Kind regards,

Jonas Maes

End of the entry period

30/04 was our last day you could enter our Belgian Balloon Trophy!
End of this month we will welcome 42 pilots and crew to compete in our competition.

Keep an eye on our website, social media & electronic noticeboard for more info!

Keep an eye on our noticeboard!

Dear pilots, officials,

We please remind you to keep an eye on our Official Notice Board on Watch me Fly.
In the next week our competition director will publish important information related to the competition.

At this moment we have 38 pilots confirmed to take part during our Belgian Balloon Trophy. 2 pilots are on the Late Entry List.
We still have 10 places left – inform your collegue competition pilots and invite them to Vielsam!

Kind regards,
The organization team

Luc Herdewijn has taken his last flight…

Today we received the news that last Sunday, April 10, 2022, balloonist Luc Herdewijn passed away.

Luc Herdewijn receiving his trophy as Belgian Champion in 2008.

Together with his family and many volunteers, he was the man behind the biennial international balloon meeting in his home town of Olen, Belgium. Due to a serious illness, it was decided in 2020 to cancel the event so that the family had all the energy to fight against his illness together.

However, his love for ballooning did not stop at the balloon meeting.

In addition to letting passengers experience a balloon flight, Luc also had a big heart for sports ballooning. For decades Luc was the driving force behind sports ballooning in Belgium as chairman of the ‘Sports Commission KBBF’.

Luc Herdewijn during the Belgian Balloon Trophy 2008.

Establishing a perfect organization of a challenge or the Belgian balloon Trophy was always his goal.

As a competition pilot, Luc already took the podium at his first Belgian Championship in 1995 and repeated this no less than 7 times, with the gold medal at the 2008 Belgian Championship as the icing on the cake.

On behalf of Belgium, he also took part 4 times in the European and 3 times in the World Ballooning Championship.

With Luc, our federation, and ballooning in general, loses a man with a huge heart for our passion.

On behalf of the organisation of the Belgian Balloon Trophy we wish Greet, Ann&John and Mieke&Lars, his grandchildren and family a lot of strength.

Luc, we wish you a safe last flight.
Balloonists never die, they only fly higher.

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During the next weeks we let the word to our competitors with their quotes.


Check out why you should take part in our competition and enjoy our region! This edition we will have maximum 50 pilots – come and join us during this edition!

Last entry date: 30/04/2022
Late entry option: 15/05 – you can last minute say ‘yes I come’ – but you need to have filled in your Entry Form before 30/04!

2 months to go!

In 2 months we will all meet eachother again in Vielsalm for the Belgian Balloon Trophy 2022!

As the organisation is working very hard on this next edition, we are happy to anounce that allready 31 pilots filled in their Entry Form! Now it’s time to get up to date with our website and social media! Don’t miss any news about our upcoming competition!

With pilots from Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg fighting for their national title, the Czech, Denmark, France, Italian, Swiss and UK pilots are ready to fight against them all for the Belgian Balloon Trophy!

This edition we will have maximum 50 pilots – come and join us during this edition!

Last entry date: 30/04/2022
Late entry option: 15/05 – you can last minute say ‘yes I come’ – but you need to have filled in your Entry Form before 30/04!

We are looking forward to welcome you all in Vielsalm.

Final preparations ongoing for the start of registrations

We have a little delay, but we are happy to announce that the registrations should open for the national competitors no later then december 20th 2021.

Next weekend we are meeting with the team at the competition center to get the latest information. In the mean have received the accommodation prices for the 2022 event. Which we have already posted on our website. Also the 4 and 6 persons comfort cottages are already available on the booking site, we are now working also to add the 8 persons cottages as well as some of the premium cottages.

As wel will have a participation limit of 50 teams, we are until February 1st, reserving the places for national competitors only. As of February 1st 2022 we will open up the registrations for all Nationals.

More information on the pricing and package deals will be announced soon.

Start of 2022 preparations

Today we have officially started the preparations of the 2022 edition with the launch of our 2022 website.
Stay tuned for many more updates and information in the next few weeks.
We target to open our registrations by December 1st 2021.